Alex with Cellist Jane Scarpantoni at The Groove Shack
Photo: Tom Smith / Chronogram Magazine

“Clearly, heir to his parents’ scrappy, can-do spirit of promotion, art and opportunity. Young but savvy and experienced beyond his years, [Alex] seems to have at least one appendage in every dimension of the music game. He is an experienced live engineer, mixing shows at the Bearsville Theater and elsewhere. He runs and brands a recording facility and record label, a roving half-physical, half-conceptual operation with shingles in Brooklyn and upstate. He is a musician himself, with wide, multi-generational ears and fluencies in the languages of electro and acoustic. And encompassing it all is an uncomplicated and undelusional sense of self-branding as both a necessity and a natural joy. Aquarius Entertainment is his umbrella brand, signifying the happy accident that this direct heir of the Aquarian Age happens to be a zodiacal Aquarian.”

-John Burdick - Almanac Weekly

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